Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What is the meaning of Multiplexing ?

Multiplexing Definition and types:

Definition: Multi means 'Many', Plexing means 'having parts or units' combinely latin meaning suggest this but in reality this term is used for multiplexing of signals in telecommunications  "Multiplexing is the procedure in which numerous Data Streams, originating from diverse Sources, are joined and Transmitted over a Single Data Channel or Data Stream."

Types of multiplexing:

1. Time division Multiplexing (TDM)

2. Frequency division Multiplexing(FDM)

3. Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)

According to tutorialspoint Multiplexing means:  "Multiplexing is a technique by which different analog and digital streams of transmission can be simultaneously processed over a shared link. Multiplexing divides the high capacity medium into low capacity logical medium which is then shared by different streams".
"Communication is possible over the air (radio frequency), using a physical media (cable), and light (optical fiber). All mediums are capable of multiplexing".
"When multiple senders try to send over a single medium, a device called Multiplexer divides the physical channel and allocates one to each. On the other end of communication, a De-multiplexer receives data from a single medium, identifies each, and sends to different receivers".

According to techtarget Multiplexing means: "Multiplexing (or muxing) is a way of sending multiple signals or streams of information over a communications link at the same time in the form of a single, complex signal; the receiver recovers the separate signals, a process called demultiplexing (or demuxing)."
What is the meaning of Multiplexing ?
What is the meaning of Multiplexing ?